At first glance, McKinnon Maddox has been described as a charming and respectful young man. But, don’t mistake his kindness for weakness. Underneath his youthful exterior, McKinnon is an online entrepreneurial warrior. McKinnon first discovered his passion for web development while traveling around the United States competing in professional video game tournaments. For six years, McKinnon developed websites for various international gaming brands and organizations. Shortly after, he used his web development knowledge to create an e-commerce site, which he built at the age of 14. McKinnon then founded MacMedia,a web development and digital marketing company. He now conducts seminars teaching social media marketing and digital content production to business owners. He has been recognized in the Birmingham Business Journal for MacMedia and for working with startup businesses. When he is not working, McKinnon enjoys playing the piano and drums, working out, spending time with family, and an occasional piece of cheesecake.